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For Immediate release June 18, 2009

June 20 – July 25
Opening, Saturday, June 20 
Artists Present from 2 – 5pm

Ted Rettig untitled work in brass #1, 1977, 58 ½ x 35 ¼ inches

Ted Rettig
Selected Works, Early and Recent, 1977 to 2008
South gallery

We presented our first solo exhibition of Ted Rettig’s work in 1980.  It is with great pleasure for us now to present a small survey exhibition that touches on some of the highpoints in Rettig’s work and in our representation of his work.

The Big Summer Show
North Gallery

Installation view of The Big Summer Show: l.tor.;Gerald Ferguson, William Kurelek, Carroll Taylor-Lindoe, Lawrence Weiner, Gerald Ferguson

Lawrence Weiner,& vers les etoiles, 1994, editions Pietro Sparta, Chagny ed. 100

The Big Summer Show is just that.  An expansive and engaging, curated exhibition juxtaposing new, recent and early work by gallery artists as well as selected work from the gallery collection.

This rotating show will evolve over summer making new associations in the process.

Works By:

Kim Adams
Sara Angelucci
David Askevold

Sheila Ayearst

David Bierk
Paul Butler
Cora Cluett

Nicole Collins
Greg Curnoe

Gerald Ferguson

Dulcie Foo Fat

Janice Gurney

John Hall

Sara Hartland Rowe
Kristan Horton
Jonathan Johnson
William Kurelek
Colette Laliberté
Cal Lane

Angela Leach
Dyan Marie
Kelly Mark

Doris McCarthy

Luke Murphy

Guido Molinari
Sara Nind
Kim Ouellette

Evan Penny
Jaan Poldaas
Mary Pratt
Ted Rettig

Brent Roe

Jaclyn Shoub

Michael Snow
Arlene Stamp
Monica Tap

Carroll Taylor-Lindoe

Tony Urquhart
Carol Wainio

Lawrence Weiner

Informal Ideas: 02_09, calling home
Project Room

Doris McCarthy, Kelly Mark, Mary Pratt, Michael Snow