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Born Ottawa, Ontario

Ayearst’s work has been exhibited and collected widely in private collections and public galleries including the Art Gallery of Ontario, YYZ Gallery, Toronto, the Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario and the London Regional Art Gallery, London Ontario.

Following is an excerpt from the press release for Ayearst’s 2005 solo exhibition of new paintings at WTG, A Black No:

“This exhibition is a continuation of Ayearst’s ongoing interest in space, examining the inherent two-dimensionality of the painted space, coupled with its frequent ambition to create the illusion of depth, of the third dimension. As with many of Ayearst’s previous works, A Black No uses the concept of the superhighway as an icon to recapture historical notions of authority and security within the context of painting.

To these works Ayearst applies the mathematical Fibonacci sequence; this concept of the Golden Ratio not only governs the proportions of the shells of snails and the petals of flowers, but informs the beautiful proportions found in Renaissance paintings. Here Ayearst applies the ratio to a visual concept more common to contemporary living, the glowing yellow markings on black highways.  The lines are stilled and warped, forming open and closed structures which seem to vibrate, moving in and out of the picture plane.”

Exhibitions from 2002-2012: on the archived WTG site.