Toronto Based Marie’s work has been exhibited and collected extensively in Canada and abroad including the National Gallery Of Canada; University of Toronto; The Donovan Collection, St. Michael’s College, U. of T. ; The Glenbow Museum, Calgary; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, Belgium and The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa.

Marie is a visual artist working in sculpture and is an early innovator in the field of digital photography. She creates projects and initiatives that explore urban issues and contemporary cultural experience, she has originated public space and walking projects as interventions, public art, green space and events and has initiated a number of cultural and community organizations. She is the founder of Cold City Gallery, ARTATWORK, DIG IN and Bloor Magazine and co-founded C Magazine, Urban Surface, BIG and a number of community and art festivals

She was presented with the Urban Leadership: City Soul award from the Canadian Urban Institute, the Government of Canada’s, Community Builders Award, the Ontario Provincial Government Good Citizen Award and City of Toronto Clean and Beautiful Award. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and the University Of Waterloo, Masters of Fine Arts. Dyan Marie’s recent exhibitions establish the body as a site that filters information and in the process gives it visible shape.

From The National Post, Jan. 8, 2004: “… Dyan Marie makes the term “Multi – disciplinary artist” seem too easy. One gets the sense that her work is like a watering hole, providing a moment of pause for the tireless and wholly dedicated community master planner. She’s like a modest Jane Jacobs, armed with art supplies”

Exhibitions from 2002-2012: on the archived WTG site.