Wynick/Tuck Gallery On The Move

Every Which Way, Kim Adams, 1998, aluminum, rubber, steel, 36" x 72"

Every Which Way, Kim Adams, 1998, aluminum, rubber, steel, 36″ x 72″

We have moved! –with a bike for two. And much more!

This Kim Adams work Every Which Way is, among other things, about cooperation–the ultimate vehicle/art of working together–perhaps something that can be looked at as a good world view right now. There is a driver and a steerer, and working together is the aim, as the bike/job will not get anywhere without both.

That’s how we started in 1968, as a short-lived cooperative of art students at 26 Spadina Road. From there we moved to 73 Jarvis Street as Aggregation Gallery. By 1969 it was just the two of us, David Tuck and Lynne Wynick, working together and, for years to come, with the many remarkable artists and the community.

We continued. From 73 Jarvis Street to the storefront warehouse space at 83 Front Street. Then, in 1982, renamed the Wynick/Tuck Gallery, to the expansive warehouse space at 80 Spadina Avenue. In 2000 we moved to the last of our downtown spaces, Suite 128 (the large ground floor space) and later to S27 (the diminutive space) at 401 Richmond Street West.

And here we are now, Wynick/Tuck Gallery at Lakefront. We are surrounded by the art that we have always reveled in and with the added advantage of looking out to the lake in The Beach–all our combined experience over 51 years bound into a new adventure!

Stay tuned for more from WTG at Lakefront.

Posted November 3rd, 2019, by admin.