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Collins work has been collected and exhibited extensively in public and private institutions including The Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, and many group exhibitions in Toronto, New York, London, Zurich.

Collins is primarily known as a painter, using the visceral application of wax on canvas to reveal the effect of time, accumulation, force and heat. With a similar intent she works with installations, interventions, video, sound and multiples.

In the catalogue for sample, a survey exhibition of Collins work was presented at the Embassy of Canada, Tokyo, Japan, 2002, the essayist for the exhibition, Ihor Holubizky, writes;

“…- her objective (for the non-objective) is not to reach a prescribed end, but to engage a fluidity as she works. The story evolves in the act of painting. Her medium, encaustic wax, must be melted and in a fluid state before it can be applied. That may be true for oil paint, but wax hardens quickly and the decisions – the yes-and-no – must also be quick, done with physical and conceptual agility. Wax suspends, it captures things, but in Collins’ work ideas are not fossilized: we are witness to the fresh trails of life. And if read that way, we can look at the paintings as if staring into the face of creation – that of the painting, and the idea.”

The catalogue is available at the gallery.

Collins is member-at-large on the newly inaugurated association, Colour Research Canada, teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design and lives and works in Toronto.

Exhibitions from 2002-2012: on the archived WTG site.