Born in Canada and now living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her work has been collected and exhibited widely in private and public galleries in Canada and abroad including  Artspace Inc. Winnipeg, Manitoba and the Textile Museum, Toronto

Following is an excerpt from the press release for the exhibition of new work at WTG in 2009:

“Sewn and painted onto scraps of reclaimed Hudson’s Bay blankets, Kim Ouellette’s vignettes and abstracted landscapes harkens back to a time of explorers and pioneers.  The Hudson Bay blankets recall memories of warmth and safety, in overt contrast to the snowy mountains and harsh conditions that Ouellette “draws” on to her woollen canvases.  Though now based near Atlanta, Georgia, Ouellette is a native of Winnipeg and her spare works evoke both the mental and physical landscapes of Canada.

This exhibition shows Ouellette experimenting with the thread in an unorthodox and painterly manner, utilizing the texture and colour of the blankets and their inherent nature.  In the new work Ouellette has also embraced the use of ink drawing as an integral part of her practice. As well as referencing the landscape and related tales, Ouellette moves successfully into pure abstraction.”

Exhibitions from 2002-2012: on the archived WTG site.