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Lahey is a Canadian artist based in Toronto. He completed his BFA at York University in 1984 with studies in Art and Architecture in Italy (1982) through a joint programme with York University, Toronto and Lowell University, Massachusetts.

He is represented in galleries across Canada, in Britain and the United States where his work can be found in numerous private and public collections. In 2005 the MacLaren Art Center installed his “Index” exhibition and published a catalogue of the same name with contributions by Ihor  Holubizky and Mark Kingwell.

Lahey views his practice as cyclical and mutable. He draws his imagery from a vast variety of sources, each holding a different meaning relating to his own personal experience and memory. These varying motifs and styles are visited concurrently and have been re-addressed time after time over his career.

He states:

“I am interested in the schism between modes of expression, between representation and abstraction, experience and reflection – in rendering the point where chance has its boundary – with paint and painting, inclusive of imperfection and mess.”