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For immediate release October 14, 2010

Dyan Marie

New photo-based, digitally developed performance images and animations
October 16 – November 13

Opening: Saturday October 16th
Artist present 2-5pm

Fire and Other Technological Advancements, 2010, 28 x 22 ½ inches

The Wynick/Tuck Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Dyan Marie. Transmissions, New photo-based, digitally developed performance images and animations, opens Saturday October 16th. The artist will be present 2 – 5 pm.

Dyan Marie’s Transmissions are images that begin as performances for the camera. Enhanced with the computer, they become vehicles to explore diverse ideas about the nature of things in regard to social and built physical environments, social networks, news and history, stories, personal memories and discussions, war and peace, institutions and illness. Each of these different zones is filtered through the body in the work as extensions, armatures or expulsions. Animated light-boxes and the projection work, Worknest, create additional image platforms for the artist’s socially engaged and sometimes comic images.

“I attempt to mix a sense of fate with an evolutionary will to struggle, evolve, and regenerate,” Marie says. “The response to this confluence of content is to let things flow in and out, like air moving through lungs. In the process, the work makes the unseen visible by giving it representational shape.”

Dyan Marie’s recent show at The Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery Is there no one in the world who can fly?, included projections and transmission works such as Worknest, described as multiple projections of tunnel-like openings that appear on the sand-covered gallery floor. The KW/WG exhibition publication states: “touching on the monstrous, the inquisitive and the generous nature of symbiotic relationships, Is There No One In The World Who Can Fly? questions why we work the way we do, and how the value of work might be interpreted by others”

Marie is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and the University Of Waterloo , Masters of Fine Arts Program. She has initiated various organizations, events, interventions and festivals. She is the founder of Cold City Gallery, ARTATWORK, DIG IN, Bloor Magazine and co-founded C Magazine. She is the director of her project space, Dupont/Dyan Marie Projects. Awards for urban projects include Canadian Urban Institute’s, City Soul, the Government of Canada’s Community Builders Award, the Ontario Provincial Government’s Good Citizen Award and the City of Toronto ’s Clean and Beautiful Award. Her work is in the collection of the National Gallery Of Canada; University of Toronto ; The Donovan Collection, St. Michael’s College, U. of T. ; The Glenbow Museum, Calgary; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, Belgium and The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, among many others.

A collaborative work by Dyan Marie and Andrew Prosser’s, Gloam, will be one of six animations featured in In Situ: Site-specific Explorations, in Animation presented by Toronto Animated Image Society, Onestop Media Group and Art for Commuters. Starting Monday October 18th and ending Sunday October 24th, Gloam will be screened on TTC video screens on all the subway platforms.

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