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For Immediate release September 17, 2009

Notebooks, Games and Fairy Tales
September 19 – October 10 
Opening, September 19, 2009. 3-5 pm

David Askevold Love Mansion 1997 24 ¼ x 16 ½ inches photographic portfolio

Greg Curnoe Untitled (Snooker Table) 1962 85 x 48 inches acrylic on board

Notebooks, Games and Fairy Tales

---a tic tac toe game, a snooker table, a school text book and a fairy tale----

Such are the makings of an eclectic exhibition, featuring works by David Askevold, Greg Curnoe, Janice Gurney, Kim Ouellette, Michael Snow, Monica Tap, Tony Urquhart, Carol Wainio and Lawrence Weiner.

David Askevold’s photographic portfolio Love Mansion (above), included in this exhibition, sets a mysterious tone.  From there one can settle on an early work of Greg Curnoe, Snooker Table, seemingly a painting of a games table but much more.  Janice Gurney’s complex and personal work, The Last Tasmanians/Badger, Manitoba includes a collaboration with Curnoe. Tony Urquhart's sculpture, Cill Rialaig 1, presents an entry into another world through its swinging door.  Michael Snow’s edition Highschool and Lawrence Weiner’s book Just another thing taken and changed (A wood) (A stone) are fascinating and revealing studies. Carol Wainio’s major painting Industrial Fairy Tale tells a tale of many colours. In Monica Tap’s painting, Untitled (House Divided), one tries to spy a fleeting image.  Kim Ouellette's sewn drawing on a fragment of pink blanket, Strange Fruit, reminds one of a game of Hangman.

Other Gallery Artists News

The late David Askevold shortlisted for major award, the Guggenheim Museum, New York
The late David Askevold has been short listed for The Guggenheim Museum’s new awards program, scheduled for October. Askevold will be featured with a short film along with other selected artists of international acclaim who have passed away in 2008.

Carol Wainio, Black and White with Storylines, August 27 – October 11, 2009 at Dalhousie Art Gallery , Halifax , Nova Scotia
In the spring of 2009, the Dalhousie Art Gallery invited Ron Shuebrook, a senior Canadian painter based in Guelph , Ontario , to exhibit an overview of his current work. In concert with this, Shuebrook was asked to suggest the name of a younger artist – for whom he played a mentoring role and with whom he now has a relationship based on mutual peer respect – which he would like to share the exhibition space with. Based on Shuebrook’s recommendation, Peter Dykhuis, Director/Curator of the Gallery, initiated a three-way conversation with Shuebrook and Ottawa artist Carol Wainio whose professional relationship with Shuebrook began as a student of his at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Each artist has since established significant national reputations for their uncompromising studio practices.” For more of this article please refer to

Monica Tap, Unnatural, September 26, 2009 - January 3, 2010 at Rodman Hall Art Centre, St, Catherines, Ontario
“This exhibition brings together the work of Monica Tap & Michel Daigneault, painters who explore issues of perception and representation through abstracted representations of natural and synthetic landscapes.  Working from projected QuickTime video stills, Tap's current paintings are rooted in her experience as a commuter watching the landscape whip by through the windows of buses, cars and trains.  Each brushstroke traces a pixel of the still, giving the impression that the paint is pulled across the canvas by sheer speed.  For more information please refer to

Sara Angelucci, Somewhere In Between, October 17 -  November 22, 2009 at Saint Mary’s University art Gallery, Nova Scotia
“A photo-based artist now working out of Toronto , Angelucci studied at NSCAD. In this solo exhibition organized by Cambridge Galleries , Ontario , she reflects on the Italian-Canadian immigrant experience. This exhibition will kick off the 2009 version of the wildly successful Nocturne, a gala evening in which galleries across Halifax remain open until late on Saturday evening, 17 October.  For more information please refer to