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For Immediate release May 21, 2009

Sara Angelucci
Regular 8
New Photographs
Extended to Saturday, June 13

Regular 8 (skaters), 2009, 40 x 42 inches

Regular 8 (swimmer), 2009, 63 x 42 inches

Sara Angelucci’s Regular 8 was featured in the Toronto Star’s A Photo A Day: Contact '09 on Saturday May 9th; Murray Whyte wrote of the series:

“Sara Angelucci’s show at the Wynick/Tuck Gallery presents a skewering of the idealized nuclear family, ‘50s style, as the photographer borrows and recreates for her camera scenes from home movies, both found and borrowed. An uneasy gap between the self-conscious ideal the subjects try to conjure for the camera and what might actually be happening outside its gaze infuse the work with a quirky tension.”

Sara Angelucci’s Regular 8 was ranked number three on Contact 2009: 50 Best Bets on the Toronto Life website.

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Project Room

Doris McCarthy, Curry at North Lake,  1932,  pencil on paper, 7” x 5”

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