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For Immediate release September 19, 2008

Carol Wainio
New Paintings
September 20 – November 1

Opening: September 20
Artist Present from 2 – 5pm

Industrial Fairy Tale, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 72” x 120”

We are pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Carol Wainio, to be presented by the Wynick/Tuck Gallery, opening on Saturday, September 20. The artist will present from 2-5pm.

Carol Wainio says of this series:

“Wish and Exchange.  Camouflage and display.  Scarcity and excess.  Words and pictures.

Fairy tale, advertising, consumption, scarcity, excess, representation, the “original” and various historical forms of “the copy” - from the modeling of one work of art on another, across a distance of pre-industrial space and time, to the mass production of cheap shoes or stuffed animals which might transform a subcontinent into le Chat Botté - these are some of the questions at work in recent paintings….

The paintings combine different kinds of spaces and modes of figuration in a kind of instability of representation.  Tipped up foregrounds reminiscent of Flemish or northern Renaissance panels may hold a modeled plastic bag or plastic shoe rather than rich drapery brocade.   Plastic bags may also come to resemble animals or cast shadow shapes on a kind of painting screen.  The animated, uninhabited clothing from a big box store flyer may be reminiscent of the agitated drapery in medieval manuscript or northern Renaissance narratives.  Material existence and wish, consumption and representation... “

In Canadian Art Magazine’s Winter 2007 review of Carol Wainio’s last exhibition here,  E.C. Woodley wrote: “Fascinating, and an unforgettable demonstration of the way children see,…an atmosphere of perpetual becoming. Wainio’s brush possesses great immediacy.  In her work, paint takes on an elemental presence, as it does in van Gogh or Philip Guston.”

Gary Michael Dault in his review in the Globe and Mail stated, “The work…is a heady and often perplexing amalgam of delicious painting – nobody in this country wields a more seductive brush – and a densely layered content that, while always a delight to try to negotiate, inevitably leaves you with the not-altogether unpleasant feeling that you’ve missed something crucial.”


Kelly Mark

The Kiss
2 Channel DVD Installation
Part of the Glow Video Series
September 20- November 1
Project Room

The Kiss will also be on view during this year’s Scotia Bank’s Nuit Blanche, Oct 4. 2008 6:52pm to sunrise.

The Kiss, 2 channel DVD installation, 2007, part of the Glow Video Series

We are pleased to announce the video installation The Kiss by Kelly Mark on view in the Project Room September 20-November 1.


Part of Kelly Mark’s Glow Video series, The Kiss is made up of two analog television sets facing one another with screens touching. The subtly altering fleshy light tones glow, directing the viewer’s attention to the sets themselves rather than what is on. 

For Nuit Blanche Kelly Mark has been commissioned to present Horroridor, in Zone B curated by Wayne Baerwaldt.  Horroridor is a multi-channel DVD installation utilizing found footage from horror-thriller movies.  “The installation examines Hollywood ’s construction of the reaction to the unknown.”Horroridor" strips away narrative to a non-articulated response of rage, pain and frustration, by isolating media recordings of men and women screaming to unknown forces that threaten existence. Ultimately the primal scream is showcased. Viewers will be guide