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For immediate release, February 21, 2008

Doris McCarthy
Travels: A Survey of Paintings, Drawings and Woodcuts, 1992 – 2006
Opening: February 23, 11 am – 5 pm

Doris McCarthy, Summer Visitors to St. Michael’s (1995), oil on canvas, 36” X 48”

An inveterate traveler, McCarthy has long been known for the way she has captured the Canadian landscape in every province and territory, from the Scarborough Bluffs to the Rocky Mountains, the graceful arctic icebergs to the sandy coasts of Prince Edward Island. Never content to limit herself, she has sketched, painted and printed across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Of these many works, McCarthy has said, “When you are successful, you come to know the land, not just see it”  (from My Life, McCarthy’s 2007 autobiography). McCarthy has an uncanny ability to capture the spirit of a locale in her work; they transport the viewer to another space, another time.

Doris McCarthy, Belle Anse (1959) oil on canvas, 24” X 30”

Doris McCarthy, The Valley of Abiqui (1998), oil on panel, 12” X 16”

Doris is the recipient of the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario, as well as numerous other honours and fellowships and honourary doctorates from schools across Canada.  This past year, the city of Parry Sound declared McCarthy’s July 7 birthday “Doris McCarthy Day,” which included an exhibition of her work, as well as tea and cake. Plans are currently underway for a McCarthy survey in 2010 to celebrate her 100 th birthday; the exhibition is being jointly organized by the Doris McCarthy Gallery at the University of Toronto at Scarborough, the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery in Owen Sound, and the Varley Gallery in Markham, Ontario.