These are my parents, David Tuck and Lynne Wynick, on Jarvis Street in Toronto. It is 1971. In the background is St. James Park and Cathedral. Here they pause during work on renovations to the second location of Wynick/Tuck Gallery, when it was called Aggregation Gallery.

I found this photo while going through the gallery’s large archive of photos and other material, which I am digitizing. This archive covers the full 45 years my parents have run Wynick/Tuck Gallery, from its founding in 1968 to the prominent position in the Canadian contemporary art world it has held for many years.

However, this fall they will be closing their public exhibition space, which has been at 401 Richmond Street West for the last 12 years. The final show, WTG_45 Years (happenstance & continuance), will run from September 22 to October 13, 2012.

Over the next month leading up to this final show, and after, my parents, along with possibly others, will be posting here various reminisences and behind the scenes information, both new and old. Along with this, some of the wealth of their photographic archive will be posted.

Jarvis Street just south of Adelaide, 1968. The vacant used clothing store became the first location of Aggregation Gallery.