Greg Curnoe, a seminal era 1955 to 1966

Our studies began at the Ontario College of Art in 1966. By the time we formed Aggregation Gallery in 1968, (the predecessor to Wynick/Tuck Gallery), Greg Curnoe, alongside Michael Snow and Doris McCarthy had set their paths and made a mark that we learned and benefitted from.

It is our pleasure to bring together work from this seminal period by these three artists who have made their impact known for many years and whose work continues to capture our imagination today.

Today, Greg Curnoe:

Greg Curnoe, When I think of Marilyn, 1962, collage

Greg Curnoe, When I think of Marilyn, 1962, collage, pencil and ink on paper, 19.75″ x 18.75″

Greg Curnoe, Goodyear Collage, March 24,1962, collage

Greg Curnoe, Goodyear Collage, March 24, 1962, stamp pad ink, collage, 4.5″ x 7.75″

Goodyear Collage, Greg Curnoe, June 1962, collage

Greg Curnoe, Goodyear Collage, June 1962, Stamp pad ink, collage, 7.5″ x 4.75″

Greg Curnoe set his own highly individual and distinctive path, drawing upon his history, ephemera, collections of all things and the people and surroundings in his life, especially in London, Ontario. He employed the knowledge gathered from his ongoing search and experimentation within the larger art and community context. These three significant, layered collages are all from 1962, an important period of production laying the groundwork on which he built his illustrious career.

The matting and frames, and the selection of colour, therein are essential to the whole and, in fact, this process remained with him throughout his life.

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